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Hello Friends and Families of the LYL Rebels, 

    Winners chosen for our May calendar drawing:  

     May 1st: Raymond Delval  $25        

     May 2nd: Lori Rampello     $25                

     May 3rd: Mel Vargo            $25                   

     May 4th: Pat Thomas          $100                  

     May 7th: Terry Holleinback $25

     May 8th: Jim Jellison      $25

     May 9th: Rebecca Fil      $25

     May 10th: Kim Sokol      $25

     May 11th: Kathy DiFranco    $100

     May 14th: Wendy Dudek        $25

     May 15th: Andrea Lastella      $25

     May 16th: Jessica Wheelahan  $25

     May 17th: Jasmyn McDonald  $25

     May 18th: Burns Electric       $100

     May 21st: Devan Maher         $25

     May 22nd: Dr. Todd Rowe     $25

     May 23rd: Chris Sweet           $25

     May 24th: Burns Electric        $25

     May 25th: Kim Sokol           $100

     May 28th: John Patrick           $25

     May 29th: Kim Sokol             $25

     May 30th: Anthony Staffiere  $25

     May 31st: Elizabeth Roberts  $250                                               

     Congratulations everyone!  We will be in contact to figure out the most effective way for you to collect your winnings. 

     We are entering our final Sunday classic game. This truly has been a memorable season for this league. I speak on behalf of the BOD's along with all the coaches and can say without a doubt, this is a wonderful organization and sport to be part of.                    

      We have our season ending Jamboree on June 9th and June 16th for the boys, and June 16th for the girls. We will be asking for food and drink donations for these scheduled days.  Help is always needed at these events.  Please donate your time so others can enjoy the moment watching their child play that day. 

      As most of you know, we have a Facebook page. My wife Heather takes a lot of the photos and posts them. But she follows our son's games and can't be everywhere. We would like to have photos of NOT just the U13 Blue team, but other teams as well.  If there are any parents who take photos of their child's games and are willing to post them for others to enjoy, please do so! 

Any questions please email me at leominsteryouthlacrosse@gmail.com

Also, Jeff Dallaire can be reached at jdallaire515@gmail.com for questions about the boys.

And, Laura Pompei can be reached at valerilaura@hotmail.com for questions about the girls. 


Thank you.  As always, Play On!!!!!

Larry Beaulac

President, LYL Rebels


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