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Hello Friends and Families of Leominster Youth Lacrosse,


The 2017 Board of Directors would like to invite you to our annual Meeting on September 7th at the Leominster Public Library stating at 6:00pm

Our 2017 season was again a success, living in New England it is hard to plan our opening and practicing dates as you may remember from this winter.   We did the best we could with the late season snow storms to get the kids playing as quickly as possible. 

Our season ran well, of course there are always challenges, our program has grown so fast we truly are making decisions on the fly at times.   We saw great development of our players, their skill level and positional and Lacrosse IQ play.

We started playing games on the Lunenburg Town Turf as our game days commitments expanded and we needed the extra space.

In 2017 we had 240 players, 17 teams, 136 games supported, new coaches and many new players.

Of course, there were also issues, no program our size runs without issues, I can tell you as a board we talked many times a week and made decisions in the best interest of the program, and in some cases that disappointed families.  We understand and look to make changes from year to year, but mid-season changes are not easy to make. 

One way to help us with issues is to volunteer, sitting back and rising questions and complaining about what we do is not fair to the volunteers. Offering support or solutions is what would be best.

During our Annual meeting, we will ask all members in attendance to provide feed back both positive and negative about our program.   The goal of the Q&A period is to identify or recommend changes, upgrades, or confirm things that went well in 2017.   This Q&A period is not meant to degrade a specific board member, coach, team or player but provide you a way to address concerns about the program.  This is your chance to ask why we do what we do, and recommend changes.

The Second part of our meeting will be to elect our 2018 Board.    For the first time in 8 years we will be electing a new president. I will be stepping away from the program in 2018.  I truly enjoyed every journey we took to build this program.

We will also be losing another founding member in Trent Larson, Trent and I have worked together for all 8 years and he was a key player to getting our program off the ground and constantly moving forward.   Trent’s current role is Secretary/ Vice President.

Our Bylaws mandate that we have the following positions on the board,

President, Secretary, Vice President, and Treasurer. 

Other positions prior boards have voted to support are as follows, Boys Director, Girls Director, Select Director, Boys at Large member, Girls at Large member, and Concessions/Apparel Director.


If you are interested in volunteering to help our board and becoming an official board member, attend our meetings, have voting privileges, and have the best interest of all the kids in mind we would love to hear from you.    

You could respond with a clear role in mind letting us know in advance you are interested in XYZ position or you could respond with interest and select your role after the 9 members are selected.

If you are interested in Joining our Board I will need to receive an email from you by September 1st stating your interest.  Again, you can state a specific position you want to be considered for or just as an open board member and once the 9 board members are voted in the 9 of you can review positions and roles.   I would also like all current board members looking to return in 2018 to email us also. 

The official email to use is   

In Closing it was truly and honor and pleasure to work with your children and families.  It was a lot of work I will not lie, but at the end of the day it was hearing the positive feedback about the game, our program, and the smiles on the faces of the boys and girls that kept me motivated.   Lacrosse has a solid foundation in Leominster, I was part of that, Trent was part of that and you are part of that.   Always remember that this is your program, you have a voice in what happens from year to year, keep the interest of all the kids in mind, not just your own.  You will find that what is good for everyone will be good for your child also.

I meet 100’s of families over the years, it was truly a great experience for me and my family.

I thank you and look forward to watching some lacrosse games from the stands.

Larry Cordio

President Leominster Youth Lacrosse 


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