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League Wide Event for Rebels!!


Hello Friends and Families of the LYL Rebels, 



LYL REBELS LAX Families!  


Come out and enjoy opening day for the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) at Gillette Stadium on June 1st!  


We will get to participate in an on-field experience – the more people that go – the better the experience!   This is a double header – so 2x the fun for one admission price.  First game kicks off at 1 – the second @ 4pm.  The Rebels organization would love to get as many families and players to attend these games.  Tickets are extremely affordable for a family.  


Purchase your ticket today: https://www.fevo.com/edp/Premier-Lacrosse-League-Opening-Weekend--Leominster-Youth-Lacrosse-1PM-and-4PM-Doubleheader-SPao7jsg


Their ticketing system automatically records who is with which group – as you’ll see when you click the link.  Feel free to purchase tickets to sit where you like – we’ll certainly plan to congregate and tailgate in the parking lot prior to game 1 and our on-field experience and the ticketing system will automatically group us together by ticket class.


If you have any further questions, please contact Anthony Caiozzo @ 

Please let us know if you are attending. We would like to calculate the amount of people whom are interested in this lax opportunity on June 1st. 

Please check out our Facebook page for updates and always check your email.  You may receive emails from different board members, so please look it over.  If it asks for a reply or acknowledgment that you have seen it, take the time to hit the acknowledge button. 

Any questions please email me at leominsteryouthlacrosse@gmail.com

Also, Jeff Dallaire can be reached at jdallaire515@gmail.com for questions about the boys.

And, Laura Pompei can be reached at valerilaura@hotmail.com for questions about the girls. 

Thank you.  As always, Play On!!!!!

Larry Beaulac

President, LYL Rebels


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