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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to pass along a few updates.  

  1. As hard as it was to get this season off the ground we are finally practicing and playing games.  It was very much a challenge for our program to secure extra indoor practice space and time with the late season snow storms.   I want you to know we did the very best we could to get teams space where ever and whenever we could.    Thanks for your patients with us and Mother Nature, New England is a tough place to live if you want to play outdoor sports in the spring.
  2. I am not sure all of you have seen or witnessed this yet this year or last, but we do have a ZERO tolerance policy with regards to fan behavior towards players, coaches, opposing teams, and referees.   We have to remember this is a youth game, kids just want to play and have fun.  We as adults can get in the way of that from time to time and we have to do everything in our power to just let them play.   Your yelling and screaming in anything other than a positive manner puts you in violation of our ZERO tolerance policy and subject for uncomfortable discussions and possible ejection from the venue.   Please do not test us, I can promise we will take the proper action to make the event great for the kids even if you end up outside the gates watching.
  3. With all the surprises this spring and some other unexpected costs and equipment purchases we need to have a very strong calendar sales event.   These funds help us with field rentals, equipment, support staff and other miscellaneous tasks that have to be handled.   We have never asked you to attend a field cleanup day, asked you to staff the scorer’s table, we provided free clinics all preseason long and provide what we think is one of the best programs in Central Mass.  These calendar sales are what allows us to do this.    As noted on each of your envelopes there were a series of numbers.     7/10 meant we needed you to sell 7 but was asking you to sell 10 to help the program. (This was the standard for all girls)    7/12/15 meant we needed you to sell 7, you purchased a uniform shirt (boys group $50.00) plus the extra 3 to help the program.   7/15/18 meant we needed you to sell 7, (you purchased a uniform shirt and shorts $80.00) plus 3 extra to help the program.  If you have any questions about the number series please contact your coach.    When returning your sold calendars if you could use the same envelope that would be great, it is the best way for us to track everything. 
  4. As many of you should know by now this will be my last year as president of Leominster Youth Lacrosse.   I am stepping down as it is time for a new face/ideas and a refreshed direction.   Leominster Youth Lacrosse, from the first day Trent Larson and I sat down with the idea has always been something I took very seriously, I wanted to build the best program and be a program that other towns looked to model after.   We went from 0 kids playing to 240 kids playing this year, 14 Classic Sundayteams and 3 Select Teams.   The reason I bring this up now is because we need to start to come up with a plan to move the program forward,   we will need to replace not only myself on the board but possibly others whose children are graduating out.   I do not want to speak on the behalf of those members but my expectation is they will be choosing to move on also.    The program will need your help, it does take a small army to run this program the right way or should I say the Leominster Lacrosse way.   Please start to think about how you can help, please get involved so we can keep the high standards we have set the bar at.

Thank You for everything let’s have a great second half of the season.

Larry Cordio 



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