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Hello Friends and Families of the LYL Rebels, 

Our season is fast approaching. Mother nature is not kind again this year, so we have to practice indoors for the time being. Gym time and field time at the Clark are extra, we do not budget for this.  If you are going to attend, please realize we have to charge a nominal fee. We are not making any money on these practices. Also, coaches sometimes need a head count, especially for the Clark.  If a small percentage of players show up, we can always ask other teams to practice at the same time. We have 13 teams this year between girls and boys, so practice time is precious.  

The Classic season kicks off for the boys teams on Sunday March 31st.  Girls begin the following Sunday on April 7th. We did play in the snow last year, so expect to play. This makes attending practice all that more important. We are doing everything in our power to book gyms around the area. Other sports are trying to do the same. 

We plan on having our annual calendar fundraiser. You must sell the required amount of calendars per player. These are extra funds we raise every year to keep registration costs low. Our field costs are the biggest expense this league has and we cannot pay the bill without these extra funds. 

We will divide the kids up for placement on teams in divisions that support multiple teams. We will do our absolute best to keep siblings grouped together in different divisions so travel is minimal.  That has always been our 1st rule in separating players.  We understand the logistics of having one child/son in another town while an older/younger son plays at Doyle. As far as brothers and sisters, we have no control of the scheduling, so we cannot accomodate that issue.  It is all luck if a brother/sister combo has a home game one particular Sunday. 

If you know of anyone still not registered, we will not be adding any teams.  The number of spots left will not change.  We are leaving registration open for now.  

Please check out our Facebook page for updates and always check your email.  You may receive emails from different board members, so please look it over.  If it asks for a reply or acknowledgment that you have seen it, take the time to hit the acknowledge button. 

Any questions please email me at leominsteryouthlacrosse@gmail.com

Also, Jeff Dallaire can be reached at jdallaire515@gmail.com for questions about the boys.

And, Laura Pompei can be reached at valerilaura@hotmail.com for questions about the girls. 

Thank you.  As always, Play On!!!!!

Larry Beaulac

President, LYL Rebels


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